February 16, 2011

I Like Your Dream

Read a previous dream . . .

She said, "Still feeling sexed up. Want! More! Orgasms! I dreamed, you holding my hands between my legs and moving them for me."

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"I like your dream, perhaps there will be a chance for me to hold you that way tonight, cuddled up between my legs, knees bent, pulled up, leaning your back against my chest, my chin resting on your shoulder, mouth against your ear, whispering, deep slow harsh words, your hands down between your spread legs, my feet tucked inside your ankles, pulling them out and away to open you more . . .

. . . my arms encompassing yours, pressed together, scrunching your breasts together, hard achy nipples being brushed by one hand while the other holds your hands pressed down into your sex, two of your fingers curled and slightly inside you, and two from the other hand on top of those two, pushing them all in more with my hand on top of them both, pushing down deeper between your legs, pushing your knuckles and palm hard against your mound and hood, two of my fingers pushing your four fingers in deeper, all our fingers filling you."

"And each time you get close I will move my second hand down hard on top of my other, and push even harder, moving all of our hands up and down, slightly side to side, as I bite into your neck, just at your shoulders, and clench down my teeth tight in your flesh, holding that bite until your spasms and shaking pass, then move my mouth back to your ear and tell you what a wonderful good girl you are, so hot, and wet, and shaking, and lighten the push against your hands slightly, and brush over your breasts and nipples again, still moving your hands for you, slowly until it builds up once again, until I once again, and again, we get you close so that I will move my second hand down hard on top of my other, and push even harder, moving all of our hands up and down . . . .

. . . and then move my hand to the back of your head, tangling my fingers in your hair and taking a tight grip on a handful, pulling your head back and out to the side toward my shoulder, turning your face toward me, and locking my mouth on top of yours, dancing my tongue over your lips, in through between them, back and forth across them, past your teeth, and against your tongue, mouths full and wide open, consuming each other, and pushing hard, sucking your breath from you, giving it back, pumping you lungs, and holding your hands between your legs and moving them for you, building once again, until you tense up, passionately biting my lip as you cum once again, wanting, yet, more, orgasms!"


  1. Loved reading that! Always find it difficult with audio-books though so ( forgive me) I skipped that part, but I really loved the text! Very erotic, very personal, intimate -just plain lovely. Thank you for sharing! =)

  2. I enjoyed listening to you read this passage. Very hot. Lots of fun, too. More, please.

  3. Oh my the audio sure enhanced this delicious offering today.

  4. Breathless!
    Nothing like an aural experience! I listened and was reading along, then...closed my eyes and I was there. This was extraordinary. It left me wanting more. Was this your voice?
    I'd best be stopping now..I'm on the verge of gushing (with praise). ;-)

  5. Thank you all, it is fun experimenting with additional forms of expression. I am pleased the audio enhanced the story (mostly), and yes, it is my voice.

  6. this was *terrific*!!! The Voice...Your voice, David...perfect. (you sound like i imagined, btw) and how it enhanced the story. i read ahead fast, then closed my eyes and imagined.

    mmmm, wow i do like those kind of dreams!!!


  7. No headphones :)

    I like your voice.

    You should read aloud more often. Perhaps a new feature? Bedtime Stories by David? A nightly read for all the bad, ah, I mean good, little monkeys, er, I mean girls?