January 28, 2011

Boudoir - Friday Flash Fiction

(Photo source unknown)
He called home to see if she’d arrived. “I got here a few minutes ago. I’ve decanted the bottle of Malbec you had me pick up. Now I’m sorting the mail.”

“Go to the bedroom, get undressed. I'll be arriving in five minutes.”

“Oh, Yes Sir!”

When he walked in he noticed the scattered stacks of mail. He laughed, evidence of her zeal to comply, what a good girl.

Anxious to savor her beauty, he hurried down the hallway, opening the bedroom door. She was kneeling on the bed in just her panties, bra tossed aside, with the sheet held protectively over her breasts. Her child-like modesty was so charming.

He smiled at her, then turned and opened the closet door, “Look who I’ve invited for your birthday.”

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(Your challenge for this Friday is to use the photo above to write a flash fiction of
93-129 words, incorporating, the required phrase, "...held protectively...")

January 21, 2011

Frederick - Friday morning

Continued from Agnes sleeps over . . .

As they sat on the bed drinking their coffee Frederick moved his hand under the comforter and placed it on the side of Agnes’s leg. Her body shivered as his hand pushed up into the hamstring muscle and then slowly back up toward her knee, applying a lifting pressure that dug into the hollow of the muscle, fingers digging into her hamstring. He repeated that movement again so that his fingertips worked even deeper into the muscle. He moved his hand up to the back of her knee and lifted her leg, turned it across her torso and twisted her to almost a sitting position. He marvelled at her wonderfully strong but lithe legs; trim, healthy, country girl legs.

He offered his hand and pulled her up into a sitting position at the edge of the bed. “Another cup of coffee?” She nodded. He took the cups to the kitchen, refilled them and brought one back to her.

“Go shower.”

She gave him a quizzical look and he repeated himself. “Go shower and I will put out something fresh you to wear. It will be in the bedroom. You will find any toiletries you might need in the bathroom cabinet. ”

While Agnes went in and turned on the water in the shower, Frederick went into one of the bedroom closets and picked out a simple soft cotton shift with 3/4 sleeves, medium short length. He held it up and guessed it would fit well and come to about mid thigh. He nodded his head, smiled, and laid it across the foot of the bed.

He heard the shower running and returned to the kitchen and began preparing something for breakfast. He chopped some nuts and dates, put them in a serving bowl and added raisins. He served up two bowls of cereal, and filled a small pitcher with soy milk. He then peeled and sectioned a couple oranges. He moved everything over to the dining table and set two places.

He moved over to the desk and sat down, checking his morning email. He sent off some instructions to his agents, arranging activities for that day that would effectively clear his calendar. He wanted to be sure he had the entire day to spend with Agnes. He knew he would have to take a few calls but they would be simple status updates and a couple of yes/no decisions he would need to make. He checked to be sure that his phone was plugged in and charging, and that everything was synchronizing.

Just then he heard the bedroom door creak and Agnes stood there on the threshold.

“How does this look?”

She stood there wearing the dress he had put out for her. It was a little longer that he thought it would be but was still well above her knee. She looked all squeaky clean without any make up and wet, flat hair. He was pleased with how the dress fit her, and how she looked.

He got up from his desk, walked across the room to her and gave her a big smile. He put his hand up, his index finger pointed down and twirled it slowly. She turned around to let him see how she looked and he said, “You look very nice, and it fits you quite well. Do you like it?”

She smiled back and nodded. “I think I . . . “ but he put his finger up to his lips, and said, “Shhhhhh.” He decided to test her a little and see how she responded to non-verbal signals.

He picked up a leather and wood hair tie from the kitchen counter and went around behind her. He lifted and pulled her damp hair together, combing it with his fingers. He twisted it into a loose ponytail and wrapped the hair tie to gather it at the base of her neck. Her wet hair fell half way down her back, dampening most of the back of the dress. He then came back around in front of her, tilting his head, raising his eyebrows, begging the question, is that what you were going to ask about? She started to say something but he put his finger to his lips again and she fell silent. She smiled, and put her palms together, held them up in front of herself and bowed slightly.

He took her by the wrist, led her over to the table. He put up his hand in a “stand still” gesture and picked up a length of light rope. He wrapped it twice around her waist and tied it loosely as a sort of belt or draw, "We may need this later." She looked down at the rope, pondering the rope for a moment and then shrugged her shoulders.

He pulled her chair out and seated her. He went and took his seat at the opposite end of the table, and made a gesture with his hands to indicate, help yourself. They ate in silence and he used this quiet time to observe her in a more relaxed natural environ, sitting in a quiet “home” setting and eating a very simple meal. She seemed lost in the moment, not performing for him or trying to impress, but simply being herself. Being stripped of her clothes, in a common ordinary shift dress, no make up, bare feet, she seemed new and fresh and pure.

After he finished eating he got up and went to the refrigerator and took out a water pitcher. He snapped his fingers twice and Agnes turned and looked at him. He held up the pitcher and a glass. She nodded yes, and he brought them each a full glass.

He sat and relaxed, drinking the ice cold water while Agnes finished eating her breakfast. He interrupted the silence momentarily and said, “When we finish breakfast I want to take you down and show you the courtyard we talked about last night.” He looked over at the clock, it was approaching 11:00.

Frederick got up from the table, walked around, picked up Agnes’s water glass and refilled it. He came back and collected Agnes and led her over to the couch where she had fallen asleep the night before. He motioned her to take a seat, put down the water glass, and moved a stack of magazines closer. With a raised hand gesture, he signalled her to remain seated. He turned and walked away, to go brush and shave and comb, and get himself ready for their outing.

In the bathroom he opened the cabinet and found her skirt and blouse and bra on hangers on the back of the cabinet door. He gathered them up, went into the bedroom and hung them in the closet where he had earlier retrieved the dress she was wearing. He also put a wide toothed comb in his pocket.

While he was in the closet he gathered up a couple of long light bandannas and put them around his neck, securing them in place with a simple wooden ring. He also took out a small hunting knife in a sheath with an attached sling that he put over his head and under one arm so it hung at his right side. He pulled his shirt out and over so it lay against his skin, out of sight. He found his lightweight huarache sandals at the foot of the bed, slipped them on and headed back out to the living room.

When he came back into the room he stopped by his desk and looked quickly for any messages. Finding none, he unplugged and pocketed his phone and went over to the sitting area. Agnes was seated on the couch, exactly where he had placed her, reading a magazine. She looked up and smiled as he walked across the room, and adjusted and settled herself as he sat down beside him. She turned to him and started to ask a question, but once again he put his finger to his lips.

He gestured for her to turn her back to him and as she did he removed the leather hair tie and brought out the comb. He spent a few minutes combing out her hair, parting it in the middle, smoothing it back into a new ponytail and reapplied the hair tie, tighter this time, close up to the base of her skull. She sat very still during the whole process but he could hear her making a soft deep humming sound as he worked her hair. When he finished, she turned back to him, smiled, and said, “Thank you very much.” He nodded his head to say, you are welcome, but again, with his finger, admonished her to silence.

As he looked at her he noticed her erect nipples pressing out against the soft material of the dress, and remembered that he had found her bra with her other clothes in the bathroom. He wondered with a wry smile if the arousal was the result of the cold morning air, or if it was in response to his attention and touching, and suspected the later. He looked back up and noticed she was noticing him noticing. He smiled back at her for a few moments, making no excuse or apology and then offered his hand to help her stand up. He led her over to the alcove, and pointed down at her sandals. She slipped them onto her feet and followed Frederick to the front door.

They went down the hallway and past the stairs they had come up the night before, and through a door at the end of the hall. The door opened onto a broad balcony that ringed the inner walls of the building. Looking down over the rail, down two floors was a lush, mature garden, so full of trees and bushes that you could not see the ground through the foliage. Frederick motioned Agnes to the right and they walked toward a spiral stairway that wound down into the treetops.

(Agnes's reaction)

(to be continued)

January 14, 2011

Jeans Girl - Friday Flash Fiction

(Source image: "Jeans Girl" by Reinfried Marass. Photo provided by Rozewolf.)
Becky arrived at the diner as the sun was setting. She went in, and I followed a few minutes later. I took a seat at the counter, giving me a perfect view of her in her booth. She smiled, I smiled, she blushed. She’d been my girl until last fall.

While eating her burger and fries, she repeatedly feed quarters into the old Wurlitzer, calling up soulful C/W tunes. She’d sashay across the floor, doing a little two step dance, sexy as hell, flirty as hell too.

When she finished eating, she waved good bye. I waited three minutes, and followed.

I came up behind her as she peered in wondering why the old beast wouldn't start. I wrapped my arms around her, cupping her breasts. I put my mouth against her ear and whispered in a deep gravel voice:

Wild thing, I think you move me
But I wanna know for sure
Come on, let me hold you tight
Come on, come on wild thing,
you make my heart sing.

I leaned forward against Becky’s back, bending her over the fender and reached around for her belt buckle. “Let’s give this relationship a good tuneup.” I tossed the rotor over the windshield into the front seat.

(Use the supplied photo and write a flash fiction of 153-208 words. incorporating the phrase, "...a good tuneup...")
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For my birthday I was given the album, The New Bye & Bye: Four New Songs Plus the Best Of the Train Wreck Years, by Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez. Driving to work I was listening to Wild Thing, which was written by Chip Taylor, and originally recorded in 1965 (a year before The Troggs). This rendition is particularly funky and guttural, and it invaded my thoughts as I was imagining the finishing touches of this story.
The album is a great collaboration and plays a lot like a jam session, very lightly produced. The whole album is a fine example of good ole Texas country music, check it out.

January 3, 2011

Frederick - at Home

Continued from the Nightcap . . .

It was a quiet and dreamy walk from the bar to his apartment. Agnes was hanging onto his arm and leaned against his shoulder, and he was unable to walk at his customary pace. It irritated him a bit but he realized she was probably a little tipsy and lost in her own thoughts to be hurried along. She had clearly been dazzled by the time in the bar, the brandy and the people, the music and the goings on; it was obviously something very new and different for her. Truth be told he was a little over tired and full of the effects of drink himself. He was delighted to have had the opportunity to expose her to a yet another aspect of her new life here in Paris. It was something he intended to continue.

Fortunately, his apartment was only a couple blocks away and took just minutes to reach. When they turned into the building, he slowly followed her up the stairs. He became transfixed with the view of her back side and legs moving slowly up the flights of stairs. When she had been at his apartment the last time he had enjoying the look of her trim ankles, the shape of her calves, and musculature of the backs of her thighs, but this time she had worn an even shorter skirt. He was pleasantly surprised to notice the bikini style panties she was wearing. For some reason he had imagined she would wear much more modest full briefs.

Suddenly they were at the top of the stairs and he nearly ran her over as she stopped, indecisive about where to go. He told her to turn left and follow the hallway, which she did, but she turned down the hallway and walked right out the hallway door onto the balcony, completely missing the apartment door. He reached out and took her arm and pulled her back into the hallway and opened the door to the apartment and led her in. He closed and locked the door, and took her sweater, hanging it on the coat tree.

“Would you like some hot cocoa?” She said she would like that, but that she really needed to use the bathroom. He showed her where it was and turned on the light for her. She closed the door and he went to the kitchen area and busied himself with preparing the milk for the cocoa, getting out the cups and took down a small tray for some chocolates. He hoped that now that they were settled in his apartment she would regain her composure and not be so flighty.

After he had started the milk and gathered the plates and cups he realized she was still in the bathroom and wondered if she had fallen asleep. He leaned in through the doorway to his bedroom and noticed that the attached door to the bath that he always kept shut was ajar. He grinned to himself, imagining that she had seen the other door, peeked through and realized it led into his bedroom. He wondered what was taking her so long.

He returned to check on the milk and just then she came out of the bathroom and asked if she might help? “No, just make yourself comfortable,” and he gestured to the sitting area by the picture window. She walked over and stood in front of the window, looking out at the view of the city. After a couple minutes he noticed she had sat down at the end of one of the couches and was looking over the magazines and books on the table in front of her.

“You have a lot of architectural magazines here, and landscaping gazettes as well. I thought you had said you worked with financial matters?”

“Yes, I do, but landscaping and how it fits with architecture has always been an interest of mine. Tomorrow, or another day, I will show you the courtyard. I have made a deal with the landlord and I have done a complete landscape design. It is a wonderfully vibrant and luscious space, if I do say so myself. I know you will enjoy it.”

“I will look forward to that very much Frederick. You continue to amaze me.”

As he had the preparations underway he walked to the desk on the wall next to the window and tapped out some instructions on a computer. She asked what he was doing but he dismissed her question with an off handed remark about checking some market points. He moved from the desk and sat directly across from her on the opposite couch.

As he settled into his seat he again noticed how short her skirt was, how it had ridden up her legs as she sat on the couch, and his attention was once again drawn to her lovely legs. He noticed her relaxed posture as she leaned forward to look at the magazines, probably not realizing how revealing her posture was, giving him a view of most of her thighs and glimpses through the opening at the front of her blouse. She was a wonderfully attractive young girl, a simple but charming and pretty girl.

She asked, “Is there something wrong?” “No, not at all.“ he said. He realizing he had indeed been staring and she’d ‘caught’ him off guard, appreciating her body and ruminating in his thoughts. Covering up his embarrassment, he said, “The milk is ready. Would you like some chocolates and a little brandy as well?”

He did not wait for an answer as he got up and went to the kitchen and made the cocoa. He retrieved the chocolates and puts them on the tray. He brought the serving platter to the table, placed it between them and returned to his seat across the table. He moved a cup of cocoa in front of her and set a small snifter of brandy down next to it. He pointed out the platter of chocolate, “Help yourself.” As she was blowing and sipping at the hot cocoa, he again found himself staring at her, and looking her over very thoroughly, liking her demure personality.

He pulled his attention away reluctantly and made a comment about the view out the window. She looked out also, and he launched into an exposition of some of the special sites that could be seen from just where they sat. He demonstrated his awareness and knowledge of architecture, commenting on the different styles and periods of a number of the buildings he was pointing out.

Realizing that his cup was empty, he collected the two mugs to go pour more cocoa. Just as he got up, there was a beeping sound from the computer on the desk. He stopped at the desk and attended to the computer for a couple minutes before heading to the kitchen. When he returned with the cups he saw that Agnes has dozed off. He spoke to her and she stirred herself awake and took the mug. They continued talking about Paris as he explored what she had and had not seen or done so far.

After a few minutes, there was signalling from the computer and he excused himself. When he returned, Agnes had fallen asleep on the couch again, leaning herself against the wingback and armrest. He went and retrieved a couple of pillows and a comforter. He repositioned her so she was laying down more naturally and covered her. He sat back down and sipped on his brandy and watched her sleep for a while. He watched her slow deep breathing as her chest heaved and sighed. She made soft noises, nearly snoring. Frederick was glad she was comfortable with him enough to have spent the evening and to now be sleeping so well on his couch. He pondered where he was going to go with this girl that he found so appealing.

He continued looked out the window over the city, and eventually went and cleaned up from the cocoa and treats, and put everything away. When he came back and checked on Agnes, she was still soundly asleep and he decided to lay down and sleep himself. Rather than undressing and going to bed, he stretched out on the day bed in the alcove where he could keep an eye on her and look out the window into the dark night. Nearly immediately, he drifted off to sleep.

He awoke to the soft light of dawn and he found himself partially covered with the comforter he'd given to Agnes. He realized she was curled up next to him, with her head on his shoulder. Her presence next to him made him smile. It felt good and he was pleased things seemed to be advancing well. He adjusted the comforter over the both of them and drifted off back to sleep again.

When he woke up again, she was still cuddled up next to him, sleeping soundly. He looked at the clock and seeing it was 7:30, extricated himself and got up. As he started his morning routine he realized it was Friday and wondered if Agnes was supposed to be working. He looked at the time again and as it was not yet 8:00 AM, he decided there was still a little time before he needed to make a decision. His mind waffled between being responsible and a desire to keep her around for the day and enjoy her company further.

He put on a pot of coffee and went and changed out of his slacks and shirt from the night before into a pair of light linen pants and a long sleeved cotton pull over. As the coffee was finishing, he stepped out onto the balcony to relish the fresh crisp morning air, hoping it would help clear his brandy addled brain a little. As he stood savoring the fresh air of the morning mixed with the scent of coffee brewing he heard the sounds of the springs of the bed in the alcove. He stepped in and saw that Agnes was not awake yet, but had tossed and turned onto her side facing the edge of the bed. He looked at the clock and decided it was time to wake her.

He filled two cups and brought them into the alcove and set them on the side table. He seated himself on the side of the bed. The movement of his weight seemed to awaken Agnes a bit, she stirred and moved herself to the edge of the bed. She wrapped her arms around his knee and thigh, pulling herself in tight against his leg. He reached up and pushed her hair back off her face, put his hand on her cheek, and said, “Good morning.” She simply smiled back at him, nuzzling her cheek into the palm of his hand.

“I assume you are supposed to work today; it is Friday. I will bring the phone so you can call the shop and let them know you are not going to be in to work today. It is 8:30 now, what time should you call?”

“I do not work until 10 o’clock and so any time soon will be fine, but what am I going to tell them, I am not ill and have no excuse?”

“Tell them you have a day of instruction ahead, and will be back fresh and renewed on Monday. Or, tell them you have been kidnapped and are being held captive by a benevolent friend, or fiend. I am sure they will not make much of a fuss, they know you are a reliable and diligent girl. It is just that you will spend the day under my guidance and I will test your diligence.” He noticed the quizzical look on her face and wondered if she had any idea what he might have in store for her, surely not.

He went and got the phone, and Agnes took a big drink of the coffee. He handed her the phone and sat back down. She repositioned herself back against the side of his leg and dialed the phone. She had a brief conversation excusing herself from work. She assured the photographer that she was fine, just not feeling up to par and should be back at work the next day. She thanked him for his understanding and clicked off of the call.

She looked up at Frederick, “Okay.”

He smiled down at her, took the phone and set it on the side table. As they sipped at their coffee he moved his hand under the comforter and placed it on the side of Agnes’s leg, then moved it a little ways up the back of her thigh.

Frederick wondered how Agnes was feeling this morning . . .